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Who is PrimeVal?

About PrimeVal

PrimeVal offers a complete line of top-quality nutritional supplements. These are all balanced products that have been developed especially for large breeds of dog, high-performance sport horses and breeding mares, although they can be of benefit to all horses. All products for horses are, of course, of natural origin and are guaranteed doping-free.


Broad range

The Gelatinate is our best selling product. We started with the sale of this product for dogs and horses at the beginning of this century. Our product line has now been expanded with the addition of many other supplements in frequent demand that prevent and cure the most common health problems in dogs and horses. Our products are developed in close cooperation with several renowned vets.

All PrimeVal products can be administered both preventively and indicatively. This means that you can give the products to animals to reduce and/or cure certain specific symptoms, but that you can also administer the products to your animals in lower doses to prevent these symptoms from occurring. In the case of horses, many health problems are related to strain and exertion, and the PrimeVal products are ideal dietary supplements aimed at avoiding such problems. After all, prevention is better than cure.


International equestrian top uses PrimeVal

PrimeVal has its own stud farm as well as sport horses (showjumping, dressage and driving) that are ridden by internationally successful horse riders. PrimeVal supports them in their sport, and they compete with the PrimeVal horses at top-level Dutch, Belgian and international events. Of course, all PrimeVal products are guaranteed doping-free! Some of our international top riders include Gert-Jan Bruggink (showjumping), IJsbrand & Bram Chardon (driving), Marc van Dijck (showjumping in Belgium). PrimeVal also supports the youth equestrian organisation Jong KWPN.

PrimeVal Horse Products
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