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Scientific Research

PrimeVal products only contain natural ingredients of the highest pharmaceutical quality, and contain no artificial additives or added sugars. Because of reliable scientific research and extensive product testing, we can guarantee that your pet receives products of the very best quality!

PrimeVal develops, produces and sells complete ranges of high-quality orthomolecular food supplements for dogs and horses. Our products are based on scientific research and are nationally and international used on all dogs and horses, irrespective of race. PrimeVal products are specially developed by our food specialists and veterinarians. Love for animals, extensive expertise in motorics and the digestive system and a relentless drive make PrimeVal one of the leading international specialists. This ensures that PrimeVal products are the best that any pet owner could want: both preventively and curatively!

SugarFree Guarantee

PrimeVal contains no added sugars. It is guaranteed free of sucrose, fructose and glucose.

Doping Free Guarantee

PrimeVal products do not contain substances that are found on the FEI doping list.

That is why PrimeVal is safe for use in competitions.

Recommended by Vets

PrimeVal is recommended by vets. PrimeVal has been developed and tested with the help of renowned vets.

PrimeVal Horse Products
Latest News

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