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PrimeVal for Horses

PrimeVal, the most comprehensive line of food
supplements to keep horses healthy!

You naturally want the best for your horse, so you give it the best possible care. Good nutrition and adequate exercise are important, but PrimeVal is also a significant part of day-to-day care.

PrimeVal comprises a complete line of food supplements for your horse, ranging from basic supplements such as a good multi-purpose preparation to products that relieve specific ailments.


PrimeVal What's new for your horse?

All our PrimeVal horse products have been revamped. Some products remain the same, but have been given new packaging, others have been improved with a new formula, reflecting the latest science. A number of products have become more user-friendly and some products are totally new!


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PrimeVal Horse Products
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  • PrimeVal Products are phone or email order only for the moment.

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